How It Works

CrowdPenny is a people-oriented platform leveraging on the power of the crowd. While we encourage savings, we believe that investment is the best way to have peace of mind in prosperity, business, and personal life. Thus, we bring together partners to pool resources for investment. This Benefit Plan covers only the crowd-investing component of our service. To partake in the benefit plan, a partner must have invested in the plan as described in this Benefit Plan. Our crowd-investing service help investors make their money work for them.

To become a Partner Investor and get 300% benefit, register an account by supplying your details. You will be required to select your Plan or package of Investment during the registration process. When this is done, your username and password will be emailed to you for login into your account. Next, you will have to make payment for your chosen plan into CrowdPenny bank account (by transfer, cash deposit, or online). If you made payment by mobile or cash deposit, endeavor to email a proof of payment (screenshot/deposit teller) to Your Payment will be confirmed so as to begin counting your Waiting Period.

Investors are given a Waiting Period, which is a time required for the maturity of their investments. Waiting Period is counted based on the Plan of Investment (or Amount Invested). Details of all plans are shown on the various plans on the Home Page. Next, you are required to introduce 2 other investors to the platform (this is necessary to grow and sustain the platform). Then, once your investment reaches maturity, you will receive your cashout in your designated bank account (please, ensure you present active, non-restricted accounts only). For sustainability of the CrowdPenny platform, investors are allowed only 2 accounts of any combination in a Waiting Period. Payments are made from the 25th of the month that Waiting Period elapses.

Every investor must realize that platforms like CrowdPenny require investors to expand and so encourage everyone to refer their contacts to take advantage of our services. You can fast-track your cashout to 24hours by introducing 5 new investors. No matching, No Peer-to-Peer, Guaranteed results. We all want CrowdPenny to succeed; it can only be achieved if we all do the needful.