Now, you can be part of the biggest trend in groceries and do away your food worries. Food is one of the basic necessities of life everyone should have access to. However, very few people do. There is poor health in the absence of good food. With the continuous rise in inflation globally, food prices makes it almost impossible to acquire the best of food. It has been said, that if you can feed your family three square meals a day for one year stretch, then you are considered rich.

Do you know that about 2.47billion people around the world still survive on less than $2 a day? And almost a billion people live under $1 a day? We believe that by living a better life, we are much more enabled to support others to live the same life. If solutions are not proffered, those benchmarks could decline to life-threatening situations. So, CrowdPenny FoodHub, is our affordable solution to food-access crises.

CrowdPenny FoodHub is a food-sharing and access platform for coordinating the food-chain. The goal is to help every Nigerian have reasonable food supply to cope with the economic hard times. We leverage on the power of networks to reach new prospects. All you need is a Registration Fee of N3,000 plus four (4) referrals. You can register for any number of slots. Soon as you fulfill the conditions, you will get the items below in 48hours depending on your location.

-Rice (quarter bag)
-Noodles (1carton) or Garri (4mudus)
-Spaghetti (10packs)
-Groundnut Oil (1liters)
-Semovita (1kg)
-Maggi (1pack)
-Sachet Tomato (1roll)
-Milo (500grams)
-Milk (400grams)

CP FoodHub is more of a food contribution program than it is a Multi-Level Marketing. When you complete your 4 referrals, you collect your food items and circle out of the chain to allow your referrals do the same. If you want to benefit again, you can simply refer 5 new referrals without you registering. You will get the same food items the second time. To register, click on register, select the FoodHub Plan and supply your details.