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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please, find some useful questions and answer about our services. If you have additional questions, suggestions, requests, or complains, please use the Contact Us form to reach us or email

1. What is CrowdPenny?
CrowdPenny is a “crowd-investing” platform that helps members co-invest with others and get back a high Return-On-Capital (ROC) within a short timeline usually between 2-4months.

2. What CrowdPenny is Not
CrowdPenny is not a peer-to-peer network, not a matching platform, not a ponzi, not a pyramid scheme. If someone tries to describe us as such, tell them that they are wrong.

3. Why CrowdPenny?
CrowdPenny aims to help people in the lower and middle end of the financial/social class to inculcate the culture of investment by demystifying the age long mindset that investment is meant for the rich. CrowdPenny also help individuals and small businesses to grow their little income and become financially sufficient. Thus, we help alleviate poverty.

4. What particular services does CrowdPenny offer?
We offer three bespoke services: Crowd-investing, Property Co-Investing (coming soon), and Business Development Services.

5. Who Can Take Advantage of CrowdPenny?
Any one who wishes to co-invest with others. No previous investment experiences required. No age or social restrictions.

6. How many Plans can I Choose?
You can only choose a combination of two (2) Plans in a Waiting Period. This is to enable everyone partake in the profit-sharing system.

7. What is a Waiting Period (WP)?
It is a term for the time you need to wait for your investments to be mature for Cashout. Waiting Periods are based on your Plan of choice. The exception to this is when you have referred above 5 new members, then you can cash out earlier.

8. What is Cashout?
It is term for withdrawing all of your matured cashouts and or bonuses after the Waiting Period.

9. Are There Any Conditions to Cashing Out my Earnings?
Yes. You will need to refer a minimum of 2 investors who will successfully invest. These two must be in your package or above. We all need to grow and sustain the platform; that is one way we intend to achieve this.

10. Is Referring 2 Investors a Must?
Yes, for cashing out. We have told all our members this from the beginning.

11. What If I Can’t Refer?
Your cashout will delay till you do. CrowdPenny is for people who want to benefit and let others do so too. We work hard to help members with introducing referrals but this is not a guarantee. We will attend to investors who have referrals before any other. Look around, networks that tell you not to refer anyone are the ones disappearing.

12. How Do I Know When I will Cashout?
When you log into your account, you are taken into your Dashboard. You can find details of all your investments there. Note that your waiting period may not start counting on the very day you made your payment but on the date your investment was approved.

13. How Do I Begin the Process?
Just Select your choice Plan on the Home Page and follow the instruction or click on “register.”

14. I Want to Invest More Than N200,000, Is This Possible?
Please, contact or call our contact number. Our Support Staff will advise you more.

15. My Waiting Period Elapsed and I have Not Got My Alert; What the Hell is Going On?
This rarely happens. If it does, it can be traceable to some hiccups including but not limited to processing time, your account details not complete (do your best to provide us with an active account), bank delay (our bank or yours), network issues, or technical issue from our server. Payments begin by 25th of the month through to the end of the month. Some banks take up to 48hours to deposit a transaction into accounts. Please, be patient.

16. Can I Get Cash for my Cashout?
No. We only make cashouts by banking channels.

17. My Referral Re-Invested Again, Where is My Referral Bonus?
We only pay you referral bonus on the first time your referral invested.

18. Will I Cashout My Two Investments the Same Time?

19. Can I Re-Invest?
Yes, soon as you cashout any of your earnings.

20. I Registered With One Plan, I Want to Add Another, How Can I?
Just log into your account, Click on the Subscription tab, below the page, just click to select the additional Plan you want.

21. Can I Create Two Accounts?
No. All members need to register one account on CrowdPenny. All investments can be done on the account.

22. Can I Transfer My Account?
That is up to you but make sure the details in the account are updated to the new owner’s.

23. Can I Use Another Person’s Account Details In My Account?

24. Is There a Way to Qualify for Earlier Cashout?
Yes. By referring at least 5 new investors on your investment level or above, you then qualify for immediate cashout. This can be in less than 1 week.