Investing in People

We are a team of award-winning business innovators and service providers with decades of business expertise in vast fields; from ICT to finance, from banking to business management, from entreprenuership to investments. Our business solutions also have Social Return On Investment (SROI) components that makes the lives of our partners better. We are not just business people but internationally certified business people.


The CrowdPenny business model has been recognized and awarded in the International Business Community. CrowdPenny has been to Eureka! 2015 India, SVG London, NigerianCom (a WorldCom series high level event in the ICT industry), Orange Social Innovation South Africa, African Innovation Awards (AIA), Innovating Justice, African Entrepreneurship Awards (AEA), and many on. We develop business solutions for various sectors and drive market adoption.


We have a flare for ICT, Real Estate, Direct Marketing, Oil & Gas (Renewable Energy), Entertainment, Emerging Markets, etc. We also consult for businesses through development of Strategic Plans, Proposals, Business Plans, Finance Sourcing, Pitch Decks, Marketing, Concept & Product Branding, etc. We currently facilitate the business processes of most organizations. At CrowdPenny, we are your absolute partner for success in business and money.

Our Services

CrowdPenny provides Information Technology products that meets the personal, financial, investment, and business needs of its teaming users. We scout for, develop, and make ready business opportunities that partners can take advantage of and benefit from. We offer three bespoke services.

Become Our Marketer

Apart from becoming an investor with CrowdPenny, anyone can also become our dedicated marketer on part-time or full-time basis and enjoy mouth-watering benefits. Our marketers are precious to us and we ensure that they are treated so. We do not have special qualifications before you can market for us other than your passion and willingness to represent the CrowdPenny brand out there.

Our marketers have only one duty: to help attract new investors to invest with us. In return, they make huge commissions through cash bonuses. We also have plans to provide additional cash incentives for marketers. More so, our marketers will

  • Earn extra income;
  • Get access to stakeholders forums;
  • Get periodic gifts and incentives;
  • Get access to a network of people and organizations, etc.

You can make a life out of this opportunity. Imagine introducing a 100 investors who invest N100,000each. On each person, you will get a bonus of N6,000, making a total of N600,000. For N50,000 investors you get N3,000each making N300,000. For N20,000investors you earn N1,000 each making N100,000. If this opportunity is for you, please, send us an email enquiry to or use the Contact Form on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you soon.